August 28, 2015

Ecotourism in Malaysia Actually Protecting the Environment

Ecotourism in Malaysia Actually Protecting the Environment

Malaysian National Park by Peter Gronemann @flickr

A volunteer-based tourism company called Ecoteer allows travellers to experience and protect nature simultaneously through restorative ecotourism in Malaysia.

Ecotourism is one of the Malaysia’s biggest tourist attractions. Characterized by ancient rainforests, beautiful beaches and reefs, spectacular natural formations and unparalleled biodiversity, Malaysia is a hotspot for tourists seeking to experience tropical flora and fauna. The trick of finding an agency that not only respects and showcases but preserves the natural environment is not always easy, but Ecoteer has made it so.

Running well-organized volunteer programs in three parts of Malaysia, Ecoteer is dedicated in equal measure to providing a quality experience, raising awareness for Malaysia’s environmental issues and protecting the country’s natural treasures.

Three Ecoteer conservation projects in Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands allow a choice between sea turtle protection, marine reef research and data collection, and a chance to join a local community wellness and teaching project. Rated the most beautiful islands in Malaysia by CNN and remaining regional strongholds of biodiversity, the Perhentian Islands are hard to resist – and more than well worth protecting.

Within the dense forests of Ipoh, Ecoteer has created a community centre in the village of Kg Tonggang. Living there and becoming part of community projects, volunteers also embark on jungle treks with a purpose – to evaluate the mammals living in the forest and keep tabs on the level of illegal poaching in the area. Participants improve extra-curricular education for young villagers, teach English to children, and help place camera traps to catch poachers in the act while experiencing a week in this Malaysian jungle village.

There are only 250-340 Malayan Tigers left in the wild. Their numbers are quickly dwindling, but Ecoteer’s tiger conservation program in Taman Negara is providing volunteers a way to fight for their survival. Ecoteer’s team works with tiger conservation organization MYCAT to reduce poaching and safeguard a wildlife corridor vital to the species’ survival. Also on this excursion, are spelunking explorations with Save the Caves of Merapoh (SMC) and experiences with local communities and villagers.

Ecoteer and the organizations it works with provide hope that Malaysia’s history of pollution and deforestation is at an end. Interested parties should visit Ecoteer’s website to learn more about the projects and organizations fighting to preserve the natural beauty of Malaysia.

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