September 15, 2015

Eco Farm Leads the Way for Sustainable Agriculture in Malaysia

Eco Farm Leads the Way for Sustainable Agriculture in Malaysia

Rice Field in Malaysia by Quentar @wikipedia

An organic farm and resort in Malaysia has been teaching food health, sustainable agriculture and green eating to all comers for the past 18 years.  This kind of education is hard to find in Malaysia, but is a breath of fresh air for a country struggling to achieve sustainability.

Nestled amongst the hills of Malaysian state Negeri Sembilan, Titi Eco Farm produces quality organic products such as papaya and lemon juice, aloe vera and passion fruit juice, 5-color beans, green curry seasoning powder and natural soap.  Its eclectic 40-acre plot includes organic fruit and vegetable farms, fish ponds, an ostrich farm, a rabbit farm, conference and function rooms, a playground, a multi-purpose convention hall and semi-detached chalets for visiting guests.

It’s all in the name of sustainable agriculture, and Titi Eco Farm has been teaching the subject in all its complexity to anyone who lends an ear.

Agriculture in Malaysia is characterized by large amounts of chemical and fertilizer pollution, slash-and-burn land clearing and overall unsustainable practices.  These methods hurt the environment, causing topsoil erosion, overfarming and other issues that will hurt food security in Malaysia in years to come.

Sustainable agriculture in Malaysia is being only slowly adopted.  Malaysia needs more leaders in this field, and better awareness of organics and green farming in both farmers and consumers.  Both teaching and leading by example, Titi Eco Farms is making a powerful statement.

For its quality products and education, Titi Eco Farms won third place in the Top 10 Green Products and Services Companies in Malaysia for 2013.  The prize was well-deserved, and the farm will hopefully be joined by others in fighting for sustainable agriculture in Malaysia.

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