October 23, 2015

GreenTech Malaysia: Pulling for Progress

GreenTech Malaysia: Pulling for Progress

GreenTech Malaysia is using technology to lead its nation into the era of sustainable development. Photo Credit: Blackwolfe via DeviantArt

For some years now, Malaysia has had its eyes set on the goal of becoming a regional hub for green technology.  By driving socio-economic growth with green industries like renewable energy, environmental technology and sustainable construction, Malaysia hopes to expand in a way that profits its people and environment as well as its economy.

Leading this charge is GreenTech Malaysia.  GreenTech Malaysia is a government organization charged with catalyzing green technology to achieve sustainable development for its country.  Its objectives are laid out by the National Green Technology Policy 2009, a set of goals centering on energy independence, environmental conservation, improved quality of life and economic development.

The ways GreenTech pursues these goals are widely varied.  From screening a kids TV show about sustainability to allocating government funds for sustainable infrastructure improvements to developing generous tax incentives and financing schemes for companies involved in green technology, GreenTech is a nationwide push for all things environmentally high-tech.

An example of GreenTech’s work is this strategy for creating low carbon cities and townships:

One of GreenTech’s biggest successes has been the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM).  The annual event has become one of the biggest forums for green technology in all of Southeast Asia, and has generated RM6 billion (US$1.4 billion) worth of business leads in investment and development of sustainable technology.

GreenTech Malaysia aspires to position Malaysia as a global hub for green technology by 2020, and develop the country into a green community by 2030.  The goals are lofty, but if Malaysia is to turn a new leaf, it must pursue them.   Through its multifarious endeavors, GreenTech will continue to be a driving force towards their completion.

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