November 11, 2015

Connecting the Green Dots

Connecting the Green Dots

MESYM Founders Jun-E and Leo (far left) have created a place and community where environmentalism can bloom in Malaysia. Photo Credit: MESYM

A business installing free solar panels for community benefit, a group building temperature-efficient, earthquake-proof structures entirely out of recycled material and a series of moving environmental documentaries shown around Malaysia and accompanied by expert-led discussions.  What do these green projects have in common?  One word (well, one acronym really): MESYM.

What is MESYM?  In the simplest terms, it’s a free-to-use, crowdsourced online environmental platform.  What does this mean?  Many things.

For some, MESYM is a place to learn about current environmental issues on Malaysia – a place where the curious can get educated, the educated can get inspired, and the inspired can get involved.  For others, it’s a place to talk about environmental issues – a platform from which to share experience and knowledge.  For all, it’s a place where people, projects, groups and discussions fighting for the environment can start, build up steam, gain support, address an interested audience and in many ways drive the green movement in Malaysia.

Co-founded by environmental policy researcher Jun-E Tan and web developer Leonardo Losoviz in 2013, MESYM has become somewhat of a hub for the environmental movement in and around Malaysia.  Conservation projects, environmental NGOS, sustainable education courses, eco-events, breaking environmental news pieces and personal stories alike have all come to MESYM to share, be shared, learn and grow.  MESYM now has almost 200 member organization from big international outfits like GreenPeace Southeast Asia to spirited community movements like Eco Warriors Malaysia.  They all contribute to the website’s vibrant collection of eco-everything , combining with MESYM’s functionality and pleasantly public nature to create an interactive platform for all things environmental.

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A full house at a MESYM eco-documentary night

Jun-E and Leo’s brainchild hasn’t taken off by chance.  MESYM’s success has come from real dedication to a cause.  Working hard behind the scenes and on the front lines, the two founders and MESYM’s team of volunteers have made the site what it is through grassroots campaigning, personal connection and individual contribution.  MESYM’s regular documentary screenings get locals directly involved with issues at hand with inspiring film and expert-led discussion.  Jun-E and Leo are also both frequent contributors to the site’s discussion page, regularly sharing and writing environmental news.  Their hearts are both in this project, something that shows through in many ways.

In a time of natural disaster and all the problems that come with it, projects like MESYM work to lead Malaysia in the direction of a more sustainable future.  Deforestation, massive fires and haze epidemics, a waste management crisis and water shortages are just a few of Malaysia’s environmental problems.

More and more every day, Malaysia needs organizations like MESYM and the people behind it.  MESYM’s future plans forecast even more for the website, but plenty is happening now.  Check it out for yourself at – who knows, you might just get inspired yourself.

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