November 21, 2015

Malaysia’s First Environmental Magazine

Malaysia’s First Environmental Magazine

EcoMalaysia is an online magazine covering environmental issues from big - like the national waste management problem - to miniscule scenes like this.

Malaysia’s first-ever environmental magazine is here (has been for a few years) – and it’s available for free, around the world.

EcoMalaysia is an online magazine focused on all things green in Malaysia. Wildlife conservation, Eco Education, sustainable shopping, environmental NGOs, Eco Transport – all these topics and more are covered.  There are new developments in all these areas going on constantly in Malaysia, and they have an outlet in EcoMalaysia.

“EcoMalaysia highlights current issues that impact on the environment both positively and negatively. Topics such as organic farming and sustainable crops, deforestation and urban reforestation, eco resorts, food production, governmental recycling initiatives, national policy, fair trade fashion, interior design and architectural developments accenting solar and environmental design ideas, will be showcased within our magazine. Green technology including hybrid cars and the use of friendly fuel will be examined and promoted.”

Thus reads just one paragraph in the magazine’s profile section.  The coverage, functionality and goals of the magazine extend even further.

This development reflects another phase in the development of Malaysia – the growth of environmental awareness.  For many years, Malaysia has been plagued by unsustainable development, industries that raze forests, dig up the earth, push species to the brink of extinction (or over it) and pollute the natural environment.  What we’re beginning to see now is the birth of an environmental movement.

It’s an exciting time for Malaysia, a nation that has needed better environmental protection for a long time.  Other organizations are springing up too.  EcoKnights, for example, is a stellar nonprofit based in Kuala Lumpur – they hold all kinds of eco events and sustainability projects including a film festival that draws tens of thousands of people.  Many other NGOs and community projects are slowly but surely gaining momentum, pushing back against a history of environmental disaster and hoping for a future of sustainability.

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