March 23, 2017

Come and Plant Trees in Shah Alam

Come and Plant Trees in Shah Alam

Planting a tree is a fine act of environmentalism. It can also be fun. Photo Credit: Horticultural DNA

Some people cut down trees; others plant new trees. Which one are you?

You can be among admirably green-conscious nature lovers this coming Saturday, on March 25, just by attending a tree-planting event in Shah Alam. The state capital of Selangor seeks to become a carbon neutral city and you can help make that happen.

“Let’s do something green for Mother Nature by planting more trees in the city!” urges the event’s organizer Bernard Eng, a young environmentalist who is head of the grassroots green group Eco Warriors Malaysia. “Come and get your hands dirty with soil [in] a mix of hard work, education and fun (suitable for children with parents supervision).”

Yes, let’s get down and dirty for Shah Alam’s environment.

Bernard Eng, head of Eco Warriors Malaysia. Photo Credit: Bernard Eng via Facebook

On hand at the DYI environmentalist gathering will be gardening tools, saplings and plenty of refreshments for participants who can register either online for the event or in person at the site from 7:30am onwards on March 25.

“The registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis, hence any absence without prior notice will result in your name being listed in our reserve list for future events,” Eng explains. “We appreciate your attendance.”

You should come dressed for the occasion in leisurewear and sport shoes. Don’t forget to bring a water bucket, either, if you can, so that you can water the trees after you have planted them.

For hours on end, you can plant trees this Saturday, alongside scores of other volunteers, in a festive atmosphere. Saplings will come from nine different species of plant, including Indian almond trees, stunning parakeet flowers, Chinese fringe flowers, big sages and golden dewdrops.

Sound like fun? You bet it will be. Environmental activism can be plenty of fun.

Be there.






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