April 24, 2017

Pedal away for Sharks and Orangutans

Pedal away for Sharks and Orangutans

Biking is fun. Pedaling away for a good cause is even more fun. Photo Credit: Pixabay

You can run for sharks. And now you can ride for sharks too. On bicycles, that is.

This year’s Ride for the Wild 2017 in Kuching will take place at Swinburne University of Technology’s Sarawak campus on May 20, and its organizers are inviting local bicycle enthusiasts to come and pedal away at a fun-filled cycling event for a good cause: to raise awareness of the plight of beleaguered sharks and orangutans. Members from local humane society groups like the Sarawak Society of The Deaf will also take part in the bicycle bonanza to show that conservation is everyone’s concern, according to the organizers.

In addition to a shorter 23km route and a longer 56km one, the event will feature two new categories: a mini route and a virtual ride. The mini route will enable participants to show their support for endangered wildlife by taking a shorter distance. The virtual route, meanwhile, will allow you, if you cannot be there in person. to complete the event online, either on an exercise bike or an actual bicycle elsewhere. The fees will be RM70 for the 56km route, RM60 for the 23km route, and RM50 for the mini route.

Along the way at the event, environmentalist exhibitions will be held at pit-stops and water stations. “A host of activities will be held in tandem [with] the ride for family and friends of participants and visitors who are not cycling,” the organizers explain. “Visitors will be treated to a Zumbathon handled by Swinburne Dance Club at the Multi-Purpose Hall for a small fee. Even the youngest of guests will be kept busy with a number of children’s activities on that day.”

Simultaneously, in another worthy initiative, student groups “will be doing their part by organizing a recycling drive and the public is encouraged to bring their recyclable items over.”

Biking is fun. Pedaling away for a good cause is even more fun. So go and get on your bike for sharks and orangutans!

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