August 23, 2017

Learning to Save the Environment in a Fun Way at Penang’s Green Carnival

Learning to Save the Environment in a Fun Way at Penang’s Green Carnival

Photo Credit: Penang Green Council

Fun and games and the environment. That’s definitely a welcome combination when it comes to efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues across the country and around the planet. And the Penang Green Council will aim to do just that for two days in mid-September: combine fun and environmentalism.

Young participants at this year’s Green Carnival in Penang, which will be held on September 9-10 at Setia SPICE Arena, will have the chance to engage in a lot of fun, play a lot of games, and learn quite a lot about environmental issues. Organized by the Council, the fun-filled bonanza is an annual event whose aim is to educate young Malaysians about the threats facing our environment while it also seeks to enlist them in collective action to tackle the challenges.

Children participate in a “little green chef” workshop at the Penang Green Carnival in 2016. Photo Credit: Penang Green Council

This year the theme of the two-day festivities will be climate change and what we can do to alleviate its effects. “From diminishing ice to increasing temperatures, rising sea level, and more frequent and destructive extreme weather events, we have been in a challenging time for the past decade,” the Penang Green Council explains. In other words, we are facing historic challenges globally to our ways of life as a result of the damage we have inflicted on the planet’s climate by pumping massive amounts of greenhouse gases into it.

But what to do? Throw up our hands in despair? Hardly. “What can you do about climate change? You can help reduce climate change!” the Council explains. “Small changes at home can make a big difference. Collective efforts drive results. Come and join us in learning how to undo the devastations we have strike upon our only home, our beloved Earth.”

In previous years, the council’s events for children featured the Penang Idol singing contest for students, food stamping art competitions, green cookouts, and a drama production on global warming staged and performed by school students. This year a similar fun fest with events featuring environmental themes will await youngsters.

Today’s children are the future custodians of the planet and that’s why we must enlist them now to ensure that they will take better care of Earth than previous generations have done. The Green Council’s efforts to do just that are commendable.

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