December 9, 2017

A Japanese Company wants to bring Eco-Toilets to Malaysia

A Japanese Company wants to bring Eco-Toilets to Malaysia

These eco-toilets made by a Japanese company makes answering nature's call a whole lot environmentally friendlier. Photo Credit: DAIO International

When nature calls, we have to answer. Yet how we do so can make a whole lot of difference to the environment. A Japanese company, which has a branch in Malaysia, says it has made answering nature’s call a lot more eco-friendly.

A complex process is involved in separating and treating human waste. Photo Credit: DAIO International

DAIO International has designed self-processing bio-toilets that come with fermentation tanks under western-style toilet bowls where the results of your business end up. Rotating screws pulp solid waste while aerobic bacteria subjects it to microbio treatment and buckwheat chaff in the compost controls odor.

A complex process of excreta and urine separation is involved, which ensures that the bio-toilets can be used safely and in an environmentally manner in parks and at outdoor events.

Urine collected in a separate tank can be treated and released back into the environment as clean water. Or else it can be repurposed for use in agriculture as liquid fertilizer. It has already been done so in Japan for growing Chinese cabbages at organic farms.

“The heart of our product range and technology offering is our patented Bio Toilet in Japan,” the company explains on its Facebook page. “Research and Development was done by the inventor Machida San together with a local university to develop the concept, framework, and technology behind MyBio-R21, which has since been implemented in nearly 1,000 project sites spreading across 200 organizations and customers from Nagano to Hokkaido Japan,” it adds.

DAIO International now hopes to spread its BIO-R21 eco-toilets across Malaysia as well.

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