– About Us –

Clean Malaysia is an independent online news site covering all aspects of Malaysia’s environmental landscape. We are dedicated to delivering news, analysis and opinions to both Malaysians and the international community. Our mission is to raise awareness of Malaysia as a tropical natural beauty but also to bring to light environmental dangers and encourage a debate about the future of Malaysia’s sustainable development. With so much diversity, untouched nature, and potential to cover, we seek to become Malaysia’s number one source of information on anything and everything concerning Malaysia’s environment.

By encouraging external contributors to write for Clean Malaysia, our goal is to create participatory news site that not only informs readers about Malaysia’s environment but also becomes a platform to discuss the wider issues that concern the country’s sustainable development and green policies.


– Our Team –


Tibor Krausz | Writer

An experienced journalist with a master’s in journalism from Carleton University in Canada, Tibor has covered a wide variety of environmental issues across Southeast Asia. He has written for publications worldwide, including The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The South China Morning Post, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian.

He has been in charge of daily content on the site since January 2016.


Brandon Taylor | Editor at Large 

Email contact: brandongeorgetaylor@gmail.com

Brandon is an environmental journalist and online media professional with a special focus on sustainable development in Southeast Asia.  Absorbed by the lucid nature of Malaysia’s eco-political landscape, he leverages years of reporting experience and a passion for sustainability to connect the country’s stories, events and people to the natural environment on which they depend.


Kayla Durand | Web Designer

Kayla is an experienced web and graphic designer and is charged with developing Clean Malaysia’s graphic design elements and online newsletter.

Currently residing in London, Kayla spent the last 8 months travelling the Southeast Asian region discovering all of its natural beauties and wildlife and documenting her travels throughout.


– Our Focus –

Politics: coverage of Malaysia’s political developments in relation to pressing environmental concerns and new governmental initiatives undertaken to safeguard the environment and to encourage a greener and cleaner Malaysia.

Business and Economy: a focus on sustainable development policies and how they can impact Malaysia’s economy as it seeks to become a regional leader in sustainable development. Shedding light on businesses in Malaysia, both local and foreign, that are seeking to jump on the green bandwagon and contribute to Malaysia’s environment and economy in a positive way, whether this be through investment in green initiatives, managing projects to protect Malaysia’s biodiversity and wildlife, or promoting environmental regulations and standards.

Green Technology: following key developments, by government and business, in the Greentech sector and establishing what key players are doing to ensure Malaysia achieves its goal of becoming a regional green technology hub.

Environment: Looking at Malaysia’s biodiverse and beautiful environment and covering the country’s key environmental concerns and what is being done to manage them.

Commodities: from palm oil to bauxite, we cover Malaysia’s key commodities and assess how they are impacting the environment and what can be done to encourage rules, regulations and sustainable methods for industries.

Comment: a section reserved for opinion, commentary and analysis on all issues concerning Malaysia’s environment. We aim to provide in-depth, concise and informative writing on the many realms of the environment and seek to encourage readers to gain an understanding of what is going well, where certain policies can be improved on, and what has failed entirely in the grander scheme of sustainable development.

Resources: a focus on visual content, predominately videos with interviews and initiatives, to illustrate the various developments in Malaysia’s environmental landscape.


– We Support –

Clean Malaysia supports the efforts of all organizations driving Malaysia’s course as a nation towards sustainable development and environmental awareness.  Among the projects and groups endeavoring to this end are several for which we have particular esteem.

We support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace for their global mission to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment and their commitment to building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.  WWF-Malaysia has been working to conserve biodiversity, ensure that the use of renewable resources is sustainable and reduce pollution and wasteful consumption since 1972.

We honor the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for its nationwide campaigns to protect Malaysia’s natural heritage.  This member-driven and independent organization is taking powerful initiative to strengthen environmental protections and safeguard threatened forests and animals.  Clean Malaysia supports the pointed and discerning initiatives MNS employs to achieve these goals.

For their commitment to sustainable development, we endorse GreenTech Malaysia and Ecobuild Southeast Asia.  Incentivizing and organizing green growth in Malaysia’s cities and economies, these establishments create human systems that assure social stability and environmental health.


– Contributors Guidelines 

Want to become a contributor for Clean Malaysia and join the debate on Malaysia’s environment? Please send us your submissions to contact [at] cleanmalaysia [dot] com with “SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

We welcome two kinds of submissions: timely news briefs and opinion/commentary pieces.

News briefs: short articles (300-400 words) covering recent developments on Malaysia’s environmental scene that can concern politics, business, green technology or any other topic that keeps readers up to date on Malaysia’s environment. These should be concise, timely and informative to give our audience a quick grasp of a particular issue.

Comment: Longer opinion and commentary pieces (800-1,500 words)

Formatting your piece:

  • Number of posts: Great news! You can submit to us as frequently as you wish! We really want this become a platform where readers can participate in a constructive debate on Malaysia’s environment, today and in the future. While we welcome one-off contributions, we are also looking for more regular contributors to submit to Clean Malaysia and share their opinions, first hand experiences, and proposals on Malaysia environment and its path towards sustainable development.
  • Photos: Pictures help tell your story and attract extra attention to your piece. If you have a photo in mind for your news brief or opinion article, please feel free to send it over. No worries if you don’t – we’ll be sure to select the perfect image to visualise your words.
  • Original content only: Clean Malaysia is not an aggregator. Please do not send stories that have been sent to other publishers.
  • Citing & defamation:Please make sure to source everything – hyperlink ideas and quotes that you have taken from elsewhere and make sure to name those you interview; first and last names. If your source does not want to be named please provide the name to the editor and a reason for their anonymity (a pen name will be provided by the editor). Defamation – please do not purposely slander someone’s reputation.
  • Formatting: Please single space between sentences, single line break between paragraphs and do not indent paragraphs.
  • Style: Please take care to proofread your own work for grammar before submitting it. All submissions are subject to an editorial review process, proofing and possible headline change. Writers will be consulted if major editing is required. Please write in clear and well-constructed sentences.


– Comments Policy 

Here at Clean Malaysia we welcome comments and encourage you to express your opinion. No need to register, but please provide us with your name and email address.

All the comments are pre-moderated by the editorial staff before your comment goes live on our site. This is to ensure that comments are not abusive or threatening, spam/advertising, off-topic or defamatory.

We encourage our users to leave comments that are:

  • Short and concise
  • Relevant to the piece
  • Respectful and do not include inappropriate language
  • Contributing to intellectual debate


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